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Career Change Resume

What is Career Change Resume?

Changing your career is itself a huge challenge. And writing a resume that attracts the recruiters in hiring you, can be stressful task. But great news!! We are here to assist you so that you impress your recruiters in hiring you. We will help you create a resume that shows off your skills and capabilities that will come off as a promising talent in the new industries. Here are some ways in helping you stand out:

  • Identifying the skills that helps you choose your desired career.
  • Help you come off as a flexible and competitive individual.
  • Organize the sections of your resume.
  • Create an easy-to-read layout avoiding any formatting issues.

Soft Skills

One of the great ideas of venturing into a new field is polishing your soft skills. It can be done by self-awareness, self-regulation, empathizing skills, motivations and some social skills.
Elaborating on the soft skills, some of the points are mentioned below:

  • Self-awareness:
    It is about understanding and accepting one’s strengths and weaknesses, which in granular way can be understood as goal setting, accepting criticism and improving based on it.

  • Self-regulation:
    It is conducting oneself in a calm and composed way even in lot of workloads, which in your wok can be being open to new ideas and taking responsibilities of one’s performances.

  • Motivation:
    We should be able to set goals, initiate goals and be driven throughout the course with optimism.

  • Empathizing skills:
    Understanding your client’s need is of utmost importance in any kind of job.

  • Social skills:
    Being able to communicate with different type of clients both verbally and in writing, and being able to persuade the clients in believing your work is highly important. Leadership, management of arguments, being able to act as a collaborative partner are other necessary social skills.

Hard Skills

These are the skills that we learn through our schools, colleges or on the job itself. These are the skills which can be learnt. So, if you do not have all the requirements for the job, you can learn it, if you are willing to via different training programs. Some of the questions that you can ask yourself to identify your hard skills:

  • Can you speak more than one language?
  • Have you ever done data analysis?
  • Have you ever managed a whole presentation?
  • Have you written any kind of articles, blogs?
  • Are your math skills good enough?
  • Have you ever acted as a team leader?
  • Do you have advanced knowledge about computer programming?

Things to be listed in your resume

  1. Career Summary
  2. Skills
  3. Education
  4. Experience








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  • Make sure that your contact information stands out.
  • Leave wide spaces
  • Proofread for any grammatical spelling error.


  • Sending a file in format other than PDF is a big no no.
  • Using any emoji or graphical element.
  • Avoid using too much abbreviations.
  • Putting information on header or footer zone, which might be missed by ATS.


  • List out your skills and isolate those that are transferrable.
  • Identify key words that will get you pass the ATS.
  • Complete your career summary with passion and depict your professional skills.
  • Emphasize on your education and adaptable nature.
  • Select between employment history or experience section.
  • Keeping your design simple and comprehensible.


Laksh Rahul

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Extremely professional, prompt, and eager to assist with any and all resume/cover letter and career guidance needs.

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The resume writing and career coaching processes were tremendously beneficial in getting me ready for a job search and learning what sorts of positions I should be looking for.

Azaire White

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Working with This team was a fantastic experience. Their ability to capture the crucial parts and assist in highlighting the most important aspects was outstanding.


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I was starting feel burnt out from my previous job. This team helped me find the perfect new job for me. I am very grateful for that.

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