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Professional Bio

Professional Biography

Professional biography is a summarized form of background where you include your experience and achievements. It is more like mini cover letter which helps you to introduce to the one reading it. It can be written for various reasons. You could write a bio for your resume, portfolio or your company.

It can be a lot of pressure to distill your work, who you are and write in a way that is compelling to the world, recruiter, potential clients, hiring body and even your colleagues. We can help you write the most authentic bio that you can tweak in various situations.

What is the purpose to a professional biography?

Basically, your professional bio is to address the points listed below:

  1. Tell your story
  2. To introduce your work, experiences and achievements
  3. To give people idea of who you are








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How to write a professional bio?

  • Choose a name to be used in your bio:
    It is of great significance to have the right name for your professional biography. Many people choose their original name and some don’t. You can even decide to add or omit your titles such as MD.(Medical doctor), Ph.D.
  • Decide upon whether to use first person or third person:
    It depends on how you want to write your bio. It could either be denoting yourself as “I” or “your name”. Mostly, a professional biography is written in third person and personal biography in first person.
  • Mention your current position:
    Don’t forget to write the current position you are in if you are employed such as “editor” “managing director”. And if you are a fresher or unemployed at the moment past work position can be a choice.
  • Sit back and talk to yourself about your goal
    Your biography should not be a long list of boring achievements you had. It should be a window through which people get to know who you really are. Write a goal that you believe in. It could be “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” if you believe in team work. It should reflect your personality.
  • Decide whether you want a fun bio or a formal one:
    Many choose to add some personal detail to their bio. But usually, in a professional bio, it is avoided. Whereas in some cases when you want to come out as a well-rounded person it does not do any harm.

List of questions you could ask yourself before writing one:

  • What was that one contribution that you made that added value to your company?
  • What is the trait you possess that makes you an asset to the company?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What is that one thing that has made you successful?
  • What is that force that drives you to carry on in this field?

After you finish answering these questions you will be ready to fill up that blank sheet, best describing yourself to the world.

Additional Tips:

  • Make sure not to forget it’s a bio not a whole book about you. Just as your resume it has a limited length.
  • Avoid jargons. Hello! you might understand but the whole world might not understand your professions language.
  • Sound like yourself. Your viewer can connect better if your bio has the same tone as you in real life.
  • Create multiple drafts. Ask yourself multiple times if that bio speaks of who you really are.
  • Keep updating your bio. With various achievements, scenarios you will feel different and fresh so keep updating. Plus you will have new things to note down about yourself.


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