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Interview Preparation

Job Interview Preparation

preparing for your job interview is a one step closer to grabbing the position that you are aiming for. A lot goes behind a decent interview let alone an exceptional one. A good job interview preparation demands a good research and thorough consideration about whether you are the good fit for the position. Carefully going through the history of company and detail study of the job description is highly important.

Here's few points to remember before your next interview:

  • Going through the job description thoroughly:
    You should ask yourself why you want the job and if you are really fit for the position. And when that ends up positive than you are good to go. When you are convinced, you want the job and you are good enough, only task that’s left is a little prep. When you have the idea, you will be able to express your interest in the opportunity and why you are the best candidate for the job.
    Also, the job description tells the qualities and qualification the employer is looking for. This gives you idea about what the potential questions the employer might ask and how you would answer them. You can align your thought and come out as someone qualified for the job.

  • Research on the company:
    Research on the company not only helps you feel confident in the interview table, but it also helps you know if you can belong to such working environment. During the interview you can ask about the product and bring up the context related to the company, which will give the recruiter idea about you being keen on the opportunity. Modern companies these days tend to have Facebook, online blogs and other social media profiles. Reading through those post can give a general idea about the culture and values of the company. It is always a plus point knowing what you are aiming for.

  • Preparing for those common interview questions:
    There are some common interview questions asked no matter what company you are interviewing for or what position you are aiming for. Some common interview questions are mentioned below:
    1. Why should we hire you? / what your strength?/ tell us some of your five good qualities?
      Above mentioned questions are one of the most asked one but in different pattern. In one way or the other they are trying to know how you are better than other candidates and what are those qualities that makes you the best choice for the job.
      Example: I was always looking forward to work for the company with not just good marketing strategies but great values. Also, ideologies of this company aligns with my work ethics and I don’t think I could find a better opportunity than this.
    2. Why did you apply for this role?
      This question is generally asked to check your understanding of the responsibility that comes along with the role. It is a good opportunity to share your skills that fits the role.
      Example: i was always passionate about being a fashion designer and especially to be a part of such big fashion house is dream come true. Being associated with a fashion house that is trying to touch peoples life by fund raising is rare. I am someone who believes in helping people, and when it can be done through the work that I worship is unbelievable.

  • Why this company among others?
    This question requires good research about the company. Having an idea about their background, product, culture, values is mandatory. You can answer this question by mentioning what appeals to you the most and align it with the skills you have and how that makes you a good fit.
    Example: I joined medical field solely because I believed as humans, we are here to help one another. One thing that really pulled me to join this hospital was the monthly health camp conducted in the rural areas and free medicines distributed. I finally found the place that matched my values and I could not be more willingly to grab this opportunity.

  • Work on your presentation:
    Those first few minutes are crucial of your job interview. That’s the reason why, it is important to make a good impression with a positive body language and good speaking tone. You should also be able to maintain a good eye contact throughout the interview, it makes to look confident and can often be a deciding factor for you to either land the job or miss out.








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Some Points to Remember

  • A "Thank You Letter" can make a huge difference after an interview, don’t forget to write one.
  • Preparing in advance: well-tailored outfit that you will wear for your interview, a hard copy of your resume and leaving early on are those little things that can help with good interview.
  • When you don’t have an answer to certain question its better to take your time and pause before answering, employers appreciate that and wait for a thoughtful reply.

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