Original Resume
 By Vidhi Mishra      June 17,2022

To all those wondering, "Why don't I get called for any interviews? Think harder!" Are you among those who use random templates for resumes, fill them in, and send them to the companies? Probably your resume gets 5-10 seconds and whoops in the bin. The harsh truth is that recruiters and hiring companies look at thousands of resumes every day, and to them, nothing is more boring than a template resume.

The sole goal of any candidate is to write the best resume, stand out from others, and get hired. Unfortunately, like all other hopefuls, you are still using the same old templates, expecting the next call for the job interview. But the phone never rang. Not convinced yet?

Here are some reasons that using a template resume is a big no-no:

Are you trying to stand out?

One should never forget this: recruiters and hiring authorities are trained to pick out the template resumes. They can identify one another with just a glance. Though it takes little time and work, you must agree that it is a lazy man's job. When it's convenient for you to realize that, imagine the message it sends to the potential employers you are forwarding it to. You will probably be judged as a candidate who can easily find quick and dirty ways of completing a task. As cynical as this may sound, are you ready to afford that?

Substandard online templates

We have no idea who these experts are, creating the so-called "best resume templates." There are still some mysterious people out there. I can only affirm that the templates are below average and not recommended unless you are from the same industry and can differentiate good ones from the bad.

Original resume requires time but is long-term.

Writing your resume is always a plus. You can learn to master the art of writing sales copy, designing aesthetic sales layouts, and many more. Creating a great and authentic resume is time-consuming and requires some effort. As said before, it will be worth the work. A well-finished product can be used throughout your career with some edits and updates with time.

So what's best for you?

It is okay to get inspired by online templates and resumes posted by others publicly. But copy-paste is not a great way to go. You should download a few template resumes posted by actual people. Then try to get the feel of the language and learn the format and layout. In the end, delete them and start writing from scratch. Though it is quite a task to write from scratch, it is the only way that helps create an authentic resume to land an interview.

Some tips on how you can create an original creative resume are listed down below.

1. Simplicity is a way of standing out:

Every candidate dreams of standing out among all the job seekers. But, many of them end up creating a resume with everything but lack the actual inclusion of their skills, experience, and achievements. Also, using the right keywords is as significant as mentioning the right skills and experience in your resume. You can show creativity even in the simplest form of a resume. Eventually, rather than any fancy layout, fonts, and graphics, the actual content of the resume brings value to the table.

2. Clarity in your expressions

Recruiters don't have enough time to read through every single resume. You must understand this and use the keywords in the initial few sentences of your resume. You should write the sentences with clarity. Use short sentences that are expressive of the purpose of the job, the skills you have, and the experience you have gathered so far. Hence, every sentence and point set forth should be crystal clear.

3. 'Stay relevant.'

Stick to who you are. Make sure to stay original and mention facts and truths about yourself. That's what the recruiters find most impressive. Let your resume define you and your potential. The fonts, graphics, and colors used in the resume should speak of your personality. Therefore, it is better not to present yourself as someone you are not.

Bottom line:

The major takeaway from this blog is that you should take charge of your resume. These template resumes will never help you stand out or feel like your own. And will never come across as an authentic original resume to the recruiters. Make sure to invest enough time in writing an original one that will increase your chances of getting a job interview. So, stick to who you are, use the right keywords, mention all the skills and experiences that make you fit the job, and stay simple and relevant. If you are having any confusion with resume writing then you can contact out experienced team at Resume Making Service. Stay true to yourself as people respond to authenticity.