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What is the concept of Statement of Purpose?

The SOP is an essay cum application document that every student needs to write for enrollment in the international universities. You can even call it an admission essay, letter of motivation or simply SOP. It is a way through which one can introduce themselves, their qualities, experiences, career goal and passion towards the field. The main aim of the SOP is to come out through yours stories as the most deserving and meritorious candidate for the desired course.

Why is SOP so important?

In this competitive world everyone has some new ideas to bring to the is quite a task to stand out among such large number of applicants with a stellar academic score. The admission panels are not in a position to understand the skill, interest pattern and the personality of the applicant solely from the academic results. However with a good statement of purpose, we are able to express our motivation, passion and career goals to them, making it convenient to look beyond just an academic score of an applicant.

Unlike any other document this document is completely under your control and it acts as the platform to express who you are and why you should be the part of the program. Through SOP you can share your vision and stand out among thousands of applicants. Hence SOP acts as that key that will help you getting admission despite not having a stellar academic performance as they take those who are fit for the course.



Statement of purpose is not just about writing 500-1000 words of essay; it is way more than that. Though it’s an expression of who you are, what your personality is, there is a certain structure and requirement of writing a good SOP.

Many candidates don’t have the correct knowledge about how an SOP should begin and end. What are the things included in it which is the major reason why candidates fail to get the desired result. However, with an expert’s assistance you will get the desired result. Usually candidates fail to evaluate their weaknesses and strength within them which leads to them focusing on the wrong trait rather than the uniqueness within them.

So, we are here to identify your most exceptional traits that helps you to stand out in the crowd and present them in your SOP to get the best feedback that you desire.








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Here Are Our Expert Advice About How To Write A Perfect Statement Of Purpose


  1. Smooth and grammatically correct sentences
  2. Academic background included
  3. Expression of recent and long term goals
  4. Usage of both active and passive voice.
  5. Be honest, consistent and straightforward.


  1. No exceeding word limits
  2. Avoid plagiarism
  3. Avoid mentioning interest in any other institute
  4. Don’t include unrealistic stories.
  5. Do not use same SOP for all.
  6. Don’t mention score of IELTS and GRE

Why Do You Need A Professional SOP Writers?

There Are Some Common Mistakes Made By Students That Professional Writers Don’t:

  • Starting the SOP with phrase I’ve graduated from xyz high school with a GPA of xyz. This is one way that is bound to fail. SOP is not a verbose form of application. it is showing how you are motivated and passionate about the course. Use this to tell your story that is unlike anyone’s story. Introduce yourself who you are, your goals and why you want to be part of their system.

  • Don’t compare yourself to other candidates. Students tend to read sample SOP and believe that they are losers and there is nothing good to write down on the essay. Looking down upon oneself already reduces half of the chance of getting in the university. We on the other hand, pick out the best in you and quote it down in the SOP.

  • Pretending to be someone else is another major problem. We know about wanting to make an impression on the admission panel. And it’s normal for you to do so. But disregarding your failure doesn’t do any good. Everyone has flaws and failures. You are not supposed to be perfect. Students who learned and came out as a better person are looked upon and inspiring to many. Many fail to beautifully show there failures and achievements. That’s when and why you need professional help.

  • Being too shy about mentioning ones achievement is another common mistakes made by students. We all believe that humility is surest sign of strength. But let’s ignore that while writing a statement of purpose we are basically selling our qualities. So, it’s very important to put our best foot forward. And we help you do so. You are brand in yourself and we help you present yourself in the best way possible.


Émile Taylor


The SOP I received here was quite helpful in getting me into the institution of my choice. I'm not sure I could accomplish it without some assistance in creating my SOP here. I am quite thankful for providing prompt and excellent document aid to me.

Booker Smith

Backend Developer

I received a concise paper that was to the point. It aided me in obtaining admission to the institution where I am presently enrolled. I appreciate all the conversations and consideration given to my choices by this staff. They did an excellent job.

Felipe Walker

Web Developer

Thank you for your prompt response, for taking the time to listen to my concerns about SOP writing, and for providing me with a document that helped me succeed. From my perspective, this is a professional firm!

Taara Sharma


I've hired a professional writer. My directions were well followed. My SOP had a logical framework and was simple to read. Without a doubt, it was designed for admissions officers.

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