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Thank You Letter

What is Thank You Letter?

Thank you letter is a single page document, written for appreciated service, gift or opportunity. Many of us might not know about the impact a thank you letter can have. From thanking the company that’s hiring you through email, to a handwritten letter to your ex-co-worker. A well written thank you letter shows that you are grateful for their help.

Why is it so important to write a thank you letter?

It is an unspoken truth that people like being thanked. It also leaves a lasting impression to the recipient making it easy for you to make future contacts. In the business world it’s a way of depicting your professionalism and gratitude. Not only that, it also reminds the recruiter why you are the good fit for the company. And increases the chance, of your future employer to recommend you to a better enterprise.








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What makes a good thank you letter?

There are multiple pointer to remember before pressing that send button.

  • Send it as soon as possible:
    You should send your thank you letter as early can you can, especially when it’s after a job interview. Sending it on time makes people think you are grateful for their time and help and you come off as a thoughtful person.
  • Address the recipient appropriately:
    Using a proper salutation is always a good start. Depending upon how closely you know the person it can either start as dear “last name” or dear “first name”. Likewise, it can start off as Ms., Mr., or any other title.
  • Being precise:
    The person reading the thank you letter should understand why you are thanking them. You should include the phrase thank you in first sentence or two. You can also add some personal details about the situation to make is thoughtful and genuine. Adding the phrase thank you in the subject line if it’s an email is also a plus.
  • Proofread and Revise:
    As said before sending it as early as possible is at utmost importance. It doesn’t take away from the fact that going through it multiple times and eliminating those grammatically or spelling error is equally important. You can ask your family, relative to read and edit it before sending it.
  • All’s well that end’s well:
    Conclude your thank you letter by reiterating your thank you and stating what you are thankful for. And end it with a word such as “Sincerely” after which leave a space and sign/type/write your name.

When is a Thank you letter written?

Many of us don’t know that there are various situations which calls for a good thank you letter. When you are appreciative about someone’s help, a thank you letter is a must. Some of them are listed below:

  • When you receive a letter of recommendation from your professor
  • When you bag a scholarship
  • When you get referral to a job opportunity
  • When you finish a job interview

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Altair Smith


I had a great time working with this team. The outcome I got was grammar free and looked very professional. The team discussed my requirements and gave me the letter I wanted.

Calisto Jones


I wanted to write a thank you letter to my employees, but I am short on time. I needed my letter quickly so I asked this team and they did fulfill their promise to provide me a letter extremely quickly. The quality of the letter also felt original, and it never felt like The team did it hurriedly

Ádomás Williams

Project Manager

When I got my thank you letter, I was stunned. The letter was fluent and fun to read.

Ebrima Taylor

SEO Specialist

Great Work. I am very much satisfied.

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