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What is Outplacement Service?

Outplacement service is one way of avoiding a bad relationship between the employers and lay-off employees whose jobs has been terminated due to some reason. Employees may feel mistreated and may tarnish the reputation of company in various platforms. One way to end this association in a positive term is to invest on outplacement services.

What do the outplacement services assist?

They help the former employees to find new jobs quickly and help them in various steps from developing job search skills, to motivation through that phase.

What is outplacement counselling?

It is mostly given by the company to their employees to help them re-enter the job search. Previously it was given one to one, these days it is entirely virtual making it more convenient.








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This helps the company retain its reputation and save themselves from being defamed in case a lay off employee files a wrongful termination lawsuit. Also, it helps maintain a good name in various platform standing as the company that takes good care of their employees.

It starts off as the termination of employees from the company and can last up to six months, depending entirely upon the provider. Some maybe last until the employee gets hired.

  • Help by decreasing unemployment tax rate
  • Maintaining loyalty and good relation with employee in the company
  • Prevent the chances of defamation in the market
  • Help prevent getting unnecessary involvement in termination law suits.

It is the support provided by the employer to lay-off employee to find a new job where the whole support is paid by the employer.

What is the services that we provide?

An unexpected loss of the position in the company and having to find new one can be a stressful job. That is when our outplacement counselling service bring the best in your employee to enter a new job.

Some the services offered are:

  1. Professional career coach, help you identify your qualities and find jobs best suited for you.
  2. Connect you to various job fairs, where you can explore job opportunities in different companies.
  3. Connect you to various job fairs, where you can explore job opportunities in different companies.
  4. Referral to various online classes webinars to develop their required skill set.


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